Another Year for the Books

It has been a while… and there’s a reason for that. As this school year concludes, I have found that in the past two months many things have happened to me that have… Continue reading

Your True Self

Do you ever hate yourself for telling the truth? The truth that holds all happiness and sadness and craziness. I think that being truthful is one of the most underrated traits a person can… Continue reading

Before I die…

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is, would I be happy if I died today? This may seem depressing, deep, and somewhat severe but it is also real. Having honest conversations… Continue reading


Crawling through my skin to the pencil that sketches Reaches my fingers, picking at the strings that sing Easing my twirling thoughts, color splatters the stress A metaphor for all the things my… Continue reading

A Message from a College Student About College

Similar to most high schoolers, college is on of the biggest things to discuss, prepare for, and think about. In many of my blog posts I have mentioned my boyfriend, Liam. He, like many… Continue reading


There are many things I wish to do in my lifetime. I want to see this world, specifically while living out of a van with my  boyfriend. I want to get many dogs, I… Continue reading

Why You Need To Travel

There are so many reasons why you need to travel, here are some of mine. Keep exploring and don’t let finals get to you! You are worth so much more than any test… Continue reading

Why Repetition Can Feel Uncomfortable

I woke up at 8 am with my mom on Thanksgiving to go to a 2 hour group yoga practice. During this practice we stretched lots, chanted, did laughing exercises, and got in… Continue reading

All WE Need Is Love.

Unfortunately, I was not able to vote this year. I, however, am scared for my safety and some of my good friends safety. Growing up in many different states and countries, I have… Continue reading


When I was born, I cried and tears ran down my face, arms flailing everywhere. When I was 3, tears ran down my face that had just been punctured from the side of… Continue reading