All WE Need Is Love.

Unfortunately, I was not able to vote this year. I, however, am scared for my safety and some of my good friends safety. Growing up in many different states and countries, I have seen all different perspectives. I can vividly see some of my old friends who I can guess are very pro-Trump; I can also see most my friends living abroad shocked and worried for their safety if they decided to go to college in America.

No more talk about Trump though. I, personally, believe he gotten way to much publicity lately. What I think we should be talking about is how we got to this state of disunity. Our country is split to the point where death threats are thrown at people for their opinions. What disturbs me is how so many people cannot look past the madness of this election to see the reality of it all. One nation, divided. This hatred expressed between parties has obliterated any nationalism.

The first time I really remember anything about an election was when I was 13, and Obama was running for his second term. I knew that things were “working out alright” in the US, so obviously I was like, “go Obama!”. My parents have never talked politics. If you had to pick an American family that has had the most organic and uninfluenced upbringing, it would be mine. In every aspect of my life, I have been able to chose what I believe in and chose to stand for. But you know what I’ve also found? The more I separated from maybe my parents views or brothers or friends, the more I loved them. Having their different perspectives and support, even though I have different opinions, keeps me openminded. Yes, there have been times when I was frustrated or angry because they did not feel the same as I did. However, we are all individuals, creating our own path in life and that means you might not agree with everybody!

If there is one thing you should take away from this crazy election it is that the US needs a little more love. Our strong beliefs have created a divide that cannot be glued together with a candidate. We, as a whole, must put our best foot forward to love everyone and respect their opinions. If we disagree with something our president says or does, we must come together. The whole beauty of our country is the fact that we have a voice, but it can only be hear when we all come together. So hey, let’s all agree to disagree, but love each other none the less. We need less war, and more hugs.

Until next time,


*DISCLAIMER: I’m sincerely sorry if you were disappointed that this was just another “election post” but I think it is fantastic people are getting so passionate into the state of our country! Not to mention, this has really been one of the only things I have been thinking about so I had to rant my feelings. Thanks for reading! Stay positive and smiley:).