There are many things I wish to do in my lifetime. I want to see this world, specifically while living out of a van with my  boyfriend. I want to get many dogs, I want to read so many novels I have to donate books, and I want to do something great. I want to stop my addiction to the internet and I want to break swimming records. However, one thing I have wanted to do for awhile now is to learn either the guitar or ukulele. A week before winter break my brother breaks out into song strumming viciously on this instrument and laughs to himself at how bad it sounds. I take it from him, and decided to try to tune it. Then proceed the next day to start to learn the simple chords. I learn C, Am, F, G, Em which leads to Gm, Gm7, Dm, Bm, and so on. Now I am to shift easily through these chords. It took me those 3 weeks of winter break to get the handle of things. Now I am working on strumming patterns and transitioning better between tricky chords for me.

I truly find the ukulele so soothing. It is not only a new way for me to express my musical side, but it is a way to express my love towards the people I love. I will bring my ukulele down after dinner and play some songs for my family and dog. I believe the ambiance of the song of an instrument and the sound of your voice can create a homey atmosphere anywhere you go. I will play countless sounds for my boyfriend, probably annoying him to death, but I love the way it can express some things I can’t show him from so far away.

I love the way learning the ukulele was so easy to do when I set my mind to it. It was no “new years resolution” it was a ME goal. I had wanted to do this for an etenity, so why not just do it? Anyone can spare 20 minutes of their day to practice an instrument, and look at me a month later able to play 3 songs from memory and many if I have the chords in front of me.

So whether it be the ukulele, or learning a new language, or quitting a social media site you have all the power you need inside you. Our generation have gotten addicted to some of the nastiest habits. Don’t let them stopping you from doing the things you want to do or love to do! Strum all your issues out 🙂 .

Keep exploring your hobbies,