A Message from a College Student About College

Similar to most high schoolers, college is on of the biggest things to discuss, prepare for, and think about. In many of my blog posts I have mentioned my boyfriend, Liam. He, like many of us, obsessed and stressed over college- but now that he is in college this is some advice he would give to high schoolers about the whole process. Enjoy!


“People often agree “college will be the best years of your life”. Well, I think most would also say that applying to college can make for the most stressful year of your life (maybe a bit exaggerated but you get the point). This will be the most official decision you have made so far, ever. Picking a college and course of study can change your future.

That being said, there are hundreds of things that are more important than college. At the end of the day, you will get into a school you love and you will knock the socks off your college years. It is important to remember to not abandon everything you value in your life just to get into school. Because college lasts four years. Big deal. You put in all this effort to leave your home, but you often forget to appreciate everything it offers. The biggest mistake you can make is to lose focus on the present. Focus on your family, your relationships, your dog, and your passions. You will never lose these, no matter what university you attend.

Stress is ok too. It is advantageous to be nervous; it makes you work harder. But never too much ok? Being way too stressed will ruin your last months at home. What you have to remember is that you are not defined by your college acceptances. You define yourself. You decide how to live your life. Don’t let some university decide how happy you can be. You decide.

Also, if you don’t get into some place, it is not the worst thing that could happen. Admissions is all about where you fit best. And if the university doesn’t think you’ll be happy and productive there, they may not admit you. And being happy is a priority.

Finally, just be yourself. When you write your essays, when you pick extracurriculars, when you actually go to college, because anyone would be lucky to know you.  🙂

Always keep exploring your options! And like Liam said, stay present.