Your True Self

Do you ever hate yourself for telling the truth? The truth that holds all happiness and sadness and craziness. I think that being truthful is one of the most underrated traits a person can have, and one of hardest to hold. Since being truthful is painful and tough when you just don’t want to accept the way you feel. Feelings are another thing you are entitled to and can change the course of your life. The way you pursue your gut instincts and feelings deep down can lead you in many different directions.

Think about that: you have the power of where you are headed. You control what comes out of your mouth and ultimately, what you say gets turned into what you do and how your life evolves.

Sometimes, the truth is heartbreaking. It tears down walls and crushes your insides in the midst of all other crazies in your life. However, I truly believe it can also set you free. With the truth comes an internal release of build up, and your soul can finally follow the path it is meant to.

Remember that the truth will lead you to so many good people, opportunities, and a life of fulfillment. Never settle for anything less than what you believe will deepen your values and beliefs. Also remember, your feelings are valid and so very important. Talk it out, cry it out, let it out.

Just a little reminder as this school year concludes! As always, stay amazing and keep exploring.