Another Year for the Books

It has been a while… and there’s a reason for that. As this school year concludes, I have found that in the past two months many things have happened to me that have really turned my world inside out. I’m sitting here in my bed at 11pm, with my dog dozing at my side and my computer shining on my burnt, google-marked face and have zero cares in the world. Of course, I still have minor stresses… but IΒ didΒ it. I survived the daunting junior year that everyone tells you is a killer. Now, onto my senior year I suppose. All this growing up, becoming an independent, is happening too fast in my opinion. In a month I’ll be able to drive on my own. In two months I’ll be applying to colleges to spend the next four years at. In a year, I’ll know exactly where that place will be. It’s just all blurring past my eyes and I am constantly spinning around the remote of life, trying desperately to press pause.

Since it is late, I have my brother’s graduation tomorrow, and on top of that have to wake up in the wee hours to make waffles for my AP Bio class, I’ll keep this short. There are three important lessons I want to share with my audience tonight. Three lessons I have learned from and grown with since discovering them, and whether you’re younger than 18 or older than 30, I hope this advice will give any light you need to guide you towards a happiness.

  1. You are your biggest and best… everything. Your biggest critic. Your biggest supporter. Your biggest motivator. Your biggest competition. Your best lover. Your best medicine. Your best compass. Your best friend. You hold so many more things than what encodes for your DNA. Your skin holds together all the things you need. I believe so many people search their whole lives for things that could be found easily within themselves. Don’t forget who picks you off the floor after crying into your rug, don’t forget what keeps the blood pumping to your hands and legs while you swim for miles on end, and never forget what lets you communicate and give back to others. You are your own working, thriving machine. Just imagine how differently things would be different if the first answer everyone gave to the question, “What do you love?” was “Myself.”
  2. If your heart is telling you something, you better listen to it. This year, I started listening to my heart more than I ever had before. I think that when your heart and mind are connected, you start to make decisions that are sound to your morals and reasonable to your impulses. Something you feel deeply in your heart should never be ignored. This could be anything from relationships with friends or significant others, to huge job opportunities, to crazy travel trips, to taking totally different classes in school. You don’t necessarily need a reason to go down the path that seems best fit for you. Take chances, and stop being so comfortable in your decisions.
  3. Lastly, what you think will be be put into words, which will turn into actions, and will eventually mold you into who you are… so be cautious what you think. A good friend of mine a few year ago told me this because of a tendency I had to over think many situation with friends that were usually nothing! However, it wasn’t till this year that I really totally understood this lesson. If you think good, positive thoughts, then that’s what you will do and will receive. Law of attraction, it’s that simple!

I hope that these random little pieces of advice were somewhat helpful. As I end this crazy year of my life, I would also just like to say one last thing: don’t stress so much, in general. I have found myself over-analyzing and over-stressing WAY too many things. Now that I have a little break before summer work and swimming picks up, I’m reflecting that maybe I was a little too obsessed with how hard I was working. Just an idea. So here’s another school year for the books! And to all those reading this that have loved and brought me under their wing this school year, I love you and can’t thank you guys enough for being my biggest supporters and friends through all my up’s and down’s this year.

Keep exploring!