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Why You Need To Travel

There are so many reasons why you need to travel, here are some of mine. Keep exploring and don’t let finals get to you! You are worth so much more than any test… Continue reading

My Next Move

There’s a big difference between moving away from others and others moving away from you. For the majority of my life, I had moved first. I loved this, since I didn’t have to… Continue reading

Sydney in Sapa

Good evening everyone! These past two weeks have been stress filled with lots of traveling and meeting with teachers. After a weekend away trekking in the rice fields of Sapa with my mom,… Continue reading

Chicago and Boston: The Cities That Never Sleep

I fell in love with Chicago the first time I saw it. It wasn’t just the busyness that makes one feel part of something, but the innovation and rushing around that makes one… Continue reading

Why YOU Should Travel

I lay there, soaking in the suns rays, listening to cheeky pop music, and wishing for life to be this simple. Today, as the radio host called it, was the ultimate beach day.… Continue reading

Kyoto, Japan- Day Four, Our Final Day

On this trip, I have met two (somewhat) local people here who have inspired me. One being a waiter at a Mexican restaurant that we ate at, and the other our tour guide… Continue reading

Kyoto, Japan- Day Three

If you look around sometimes, you’ll notice that more people look at you than you’d expect. This is true even in your hometown, but in a region where you fall in the 2%… Continue reading

Tokyo, Japan- Day Two

After our first day around the town in Tokyo, you wouldn’t think 7 hours of biking could be beat. However, 8 hours of walking and taking the subway to the top sites definitely… Continue reading

Tokyo, Japan- Day One

One of the first things you notice from the second highest floor of an extremely tall building, looking down on the busy city of Tokyo, is the endless rows’ of other buildings. Tokyo… Continue reading

New Zealand Video

After a surprising turn of events in the wee hours of the morning, I decided today was the day I would finish once and for all the video I had started but failed… Continue reading