This post is about a heron.

This post is pointless. It is about a heron. One of my best friend’s, after laughing for an hour long, corrected me that I was pronouncing its name wrong. For the entirety of my… Continue reading

What Will You Do?

There are beautiful things in this world. Did you know that? Beautiful things, my friend. Like the sunset, blue and purple and orange. Like the new born in his beanie and onesie. Like… Continue reading

Doubting Yourself.

I think I am so passionate about things, I can get so wrapped up in everything bad or everything good that is happening and let those emotions sway me. I am so freakishly passionate… Continue reading

Umm… you’re what??

I’m not quite sure if I will post this or not but I am just itching to write about… well, everything that’s been happening to me the past month. SO! Wow. I have… Continue reading

Best Breaky Bites: Day 5!

Welcome to the last (but one of my favourite) breakfast ideas! This one is the simplest yet because all it requires is chopping up some veggies and popping in a couple fruits! This… Continue reading

Best Breaky Bites: Day 4

Hello and welcome back to the second last BBB post! This recipe is one I was hesitant to post just because it seemed a little like a duplicate but nether the less I am… Continue reading

Best Breaky Bites: Day 3

Good afternoon explorers! This morning was just another fantastic morning filled with good vibes and awesome food. Yesterday I made a big mental decision, to official start cutting out all red meats and… Continue reading

Best Breaky Bites: Day 2 

Hello explorers! Sydney here and back with my second BBB post. This one is definitely a favorite and so so filling. These pancakes are not only super healthy but cooking them right has… Continue reading

Best Breaky Bites: Day 1

Hello wonderful humans! Today I will be starting a small series. Today is the first day of my series: Best Breaky Bites. I am a firm believer in breakfast is the most important… Continue reading

LDR: Family, Friends, and with your Boo

Today I here to talk about my newest and most exciting adventure… that takes place miles apart! I am a firm believer that love can stretch many miles and years. I believe in… Continue reading