Scoops, Bubbles, and Bobs.

Good afternoon explorers! As promised, here is a blog on my first job. Now I can’t say that I’m having the “time of my life” this summer, but I am here to say… Continue reading

Food, Glorious Food!

Hello explorers! I’m so excited summers here and stress is out the door! I hope, if you’re still in exams, you’re hanging in there and know that good things will come your way… Continue reading

My Next Move

There’s a big difference between moving away from others and others moving away from you. For the majority of my life, I had moved first. I loved this, since I didn’t have to… Continue reading

Let’s talk about… Love

Love… is a crazy thing. I’ve never address a topic like this before on my blog because it seems so deflating. Who are you to know what love is? You’re only 16. One… Continue reading

Dearest Makeup…

Dear Makeup, Oh how I love you on days I wake up with an uninvited visitor on my forehead or chin. How you have helped me feel more confident in my own skin… Continue reading

3 PM Thoughts…

It’s very hard for me to describe This empty feeling inside. From the grades I get handed back, To the feelings of failure I try to subside.   I feel so worthless. Weakness… Continue reading

Make Your Mark This March

If you haven’t realized it yet, March has just started and I don’t know about you… but I’m ready to kick this semesters’ butt! 2016 has so far been quite a learning experience…… Continue reading

Dear 21 year old me…

Dear 21-year-old self, You’ve got to be excited; you’re in your 3rd year of college! If all went to plan, you’re studying sciences and getting prepared to study medicine. Right now, you love… Continue reading

My Guide to: Bullet Journaling!

Hello explorers! I’m back and at it! Yes, this is an organization school related post. As second Semester welcomes me, I welcome it with a kick in the butt with my very organised… Continue reading

I’m My Own New Year’s Resolution

It’s painfully hard for a person to find himself or herself when they are so focused on other things. For the past semester in school, I’ve lost any direction I gained the last… Continue reading